Pentair’s Hoffman Brand Syspend Sanitary HMI System

Pentair Technical Products - a provider of products and service solutions for enclosing, protecting and cooling electrical and electronic systems - released the Hoffman brand Syspend Sanitary HMI System for HMI devices up to a maximum load of 90 lbs.

This newest addition consists of a Syspend Sanitary HMI Enclosure, a Syspend Sanitary Suspension System, and multiple tube lengths and straight, L and U-shaped tubes. The flat-screen monitor-style enclosure also has integrated side handles for adjustments and had no exterior bolts or set screws. It features 304 stainless steel construction, a reversible 20-degree sloped top and bottom, and a replaceable, one-piece closed-cell silicone gasket. The fittings attach without set screws and the enclosure has a flat area for the optional installation of Hoffman H2OMIT Vent Drain.

The Syspend Sanitary HMI System “meets NEMA Type 4X and IP69K requirements for high pressure, high temperature and washdown applications,” according to Pentair. It is safe for sure in food & beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging environments. Also the enclosure can be flipped for either pendant or pedestal mounting and there are other modifications available if needed.


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