Elma's offers air intake front panels with improved ventilation

Elma Electronic Inc, now offers perforated front panels for fan air intake designed to ensure optimal airflow rates.

Elma's air intake front panels are cut with precision milling with a .3 radius bit allowing exact shapes of the openings.  The front panels are available in 3U, 4U, and 6U heights and various width options. Customized versions are available.  The air intake openings come in oval, square or custom shapes.  The 84HP version offers 26.85 square inches of air passage in the 2U height option.  

The Elma front panels come with a clear anodized scratch-resistant and non-conductive coating over 2.m mm of aluminum.  The panels are offered with or without a cutout for an optional on-off fan switch. Other options include countersunk screws for improved aesthetics or milled-edge screws.   

Elma also offers front panels and handles in IEC, IEEE, and custom designs.  Other specialty front panels include hinged, ATCA, PMC/mezzanine, fluted, and EMC designs.   Custom design is Elma's specialty, whether for a few prototypes or high volumes.

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